Photos of our wedding online

We already are 2 years married this month, so the photo's are a tidbit late ... sorry !

You can find them at: Wedding photo gallery.

Hannah climbing up the stairs

Hannah surprised us today by climbing over the barricade and climbing up the stairs.

Franny went upstairs and heard Hannah following her to the steps, but when she reached upstairs Hannah was right behind her !

I thought the board I put up as a barricade was high enough, but this little lady sure can stretch her legs !

See the [Movie Hannah climbing up the stairs|movie] for all the details. It's her second attempt.
The barricade is upgraded, hopefully for another few months !
Anyway, just remember: never underestimate a toddler.

Photos of our holiday in Germany online

I just uploaded a few photo's from our holiday in the Eiffel in Germany.

Enjoy !

New theme, some more content for

I updated the site with a new theme and put some more 'about us' info in a separate page, see: About us.

The site looks a bit more lively now, I'll try to add more content later. server upgraded

In exchange for a dinner our neighbour Bastiaan gave me his old pc. He just bought a new one and his 'old' one still means a factor 4 performance increase wrt to my good ol' 333MHz Celeron ...

Aqua Viva heeft een eigen domein naam

Vanaf vandaag heeft de stichting Aqua Viva een eigen domein naam !
Kijk op:

Hannah's first steps !

Yep ! the first unaided few steps. It's taken her a bit longer than we thought because she was relatively quick with other milestones (turning, creeping and standing upright).

But it's very nice to see. She is still a bit wobbly of course, and after 3 or 4 steps she continues with creeping, but walking it is ! is finally a bit interactive

I've just installed drupal version 4.3.1. And it works !
At least, good enough.

Please feel free to join in ! send in your comments etc.
If you don't have an account yet, just click on register and after filling in the form a username / password will be emailed to you. It's as simple as that.


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