Happy New Year: 2008

I've not updated this site for the longest while .... I'll do my best to upload some photo's of Hannah's 5th birthday etc.

6 months since we moved back to Eindhoven

Today it is six months ago when we moved back to Eindhoven. Our live changed a lot: Hannah went to a new school, Luke got a new job and Fran started studying and working in daycare ! So we are quite a busy bunch right now.

Time flies, specially the last few weeks but we are moving in a positive direction at least. Funny, I'm typing this and looking out of the window I see a flock of geese in V shape formation flying by :-D

Photos of Bleeker Refractometer added

Saccharimeter 002Harrie Weitering sent me a few photos of his newly acquired Bleeker Refractometer. Click here for more info.

Francine's 33rd birthday

Fran and EllenOverview of the crowdSee here for all the photos. We had a good time, Fran put many hours of preparation in the food. The apricot trifle with mascerpone was delicious.

Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements - H. Brown (1871)

"Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements" - H. Brown (1871)
A wonderful book of all kinds of mechanisms ! Around 1870 the Franco-Prussian War raged and the German forces victoriously entered Versailles...

For more historical books about mechanisms see this Cornell page.

See the attachment for the PDF file.

Franny's walnut, banana and carrot cake

Franny made this wonderful cake for my birthday. It's a delicious cake, not too sweet nor fatty. With a nice festive topping.

The recipe is attached below in Dutch in a PDF file. For the English version, see below. Enjoy !
This is the 700th item (node in Drupal speak) of this website ! "Vet Cool" Hannah would say 8-) !

English version of the recipe:
For the ingredients you will need:

Found a new job !

MI Partners logo
I'll start at MI-Partners in August. Much closer to home, different kind of work ... I'm very excited about it. More news will follow.

Uploaded some photo's of our last holiday

See here for the photos of our last holiday ! Nothing spectacular, but we had a good time, although it was only a mid-week. The park (Landal, Rabbit Hill) is very child friendly and we had a good time.


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