MammaSaar website online

Saar's website: MammaSaar is online. 

Description: "Draagconsulent ergonomisch dragen".

More info follows !

Lady and Shannon running

In the late evening sun ...

Lady and Shannon running

Lady is our latest addition to the family ! A Golden-Retriever puppy, three months old in the photo.

Site reinstalled from backup ...

Darn ! this site got compromised/hacked ... I was too late (much too late) to update Drupal and some guy took advangtage of it. 

Anyway, got the backup up and running again, didn't loose too much data. Ahum, actually only one post was lost in the process. I haven't been posting as much as I would have liked to.

But maybe it's time for change: I minimized my Facebook activity (even deleted the app on my phone). 

Website MI-Partners BV updated

The website of MI-Partners BV (the company I'm employed at) has been updated !

The  all new Competences page is a real improvement:

MI-Partners Competences website screenshot

Of course the website uses Drupal 7.

Site updated from Drupal 6 to 7

Finally ! after almost a year since the last update from 5 to 6.

Difficulties were the conversion of the old image nodes to the new nodes + image field flavour. Not everything works yet, enough for me to do !

Time flies ! I just noticed that this site is already running on Drupal for 10 years. My user-id on is 4945 ... I'm not so active anymore on the Drupal site, but I guess I'm one of the oldie goldies.

I had to delete a lot of content: all the weblinks (most of them pointed to nowhere anyway), photo's of old friends and some other stuff. 

Website updated from Drupal 5 to 6

Should have done this long ago ... Now drupal version 8 is almost out !
Soon version 6 will be unsupported.

Anyways, now going to version 7 !

Sanders Graszoden website online

Eindelijk heeft het bedrijf van Leo's broer (mijn baas bij MI-Partners) een website:

Natuurlijk gemaakt met de laatste versie van Drupal. Als je graszoden zoekt weet je waar je moet zijn.

Handprints Shannon

Shannon loves to paint. Not just with a brush ...


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