WW2 diary of my dad

Sometime ago Hannah asked if her grandfather fought in the war (the Second World War). Good question I thought and I got the box with all the family photos and other stuff out of the attic.

In there was also the notebook /  diary of my Dad. In the first pages photos from the newspaper are pasted from the mobilisation period 1939 - 1940.

Title diary AD Koorneef 

 I'd never before tried to read the handwritten diary which starts on the 17th of September 1944: the start of Operation Market Garden. After reading it I typed the diary in a Word file, see the attachments below. The scans of the diary are also included.

Some parts of the diary were told by my dad to me but I didn't know everything.

Lady and Shannon running

In the late evening sun ...

Lady and Shannon running

Lady is our latest addition to the family ! A Golden-Retriever puppy, three months old in the photo.

Photo's of Shannon: 2 years old already

Franny had Shannon's picture taken by a professional photographer. Here are two nice ones:
Click on the photo's for a larger version.
Shannon two years old, 2

Ben Veroude born today

Ben VeroudeThe latest addition to the family was born today: Ben Veroude. Son of Dionne and Corne.

One of the first photo's:

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