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MammaSaar website online

Saar's website: MammaSaar is online. 

Description: "Draagconsulent ergonomisch dragen".

More info follows !

Happy New Year: 2009

All the best for the new year !

We had a great time during the past holidays. Spent Xmas and New Year's at family and celibrated Hannah's 6th birthday !

Eifel holiday

We went to the Centerparcs Heilbachsee parc in Germany. We had a good time !
See the photos

Not all the photos have a description yet ... work in progress.

Website MI-Partners updated

Finally I had some time to work on the MI-Partners website. It now is a bi-lingual site made with Drupal 6.1.

I'm quite pleased with it. The theme is still very basic, at least it is better than the 1 plain text page we had till now.

Photos of a unknown Bleeker microscope

Bleeker Abbe refractometer 3/3D. Spel sent me three photos of his Bleeker instrument. We don't know the exact function of the instrument. Please leave a comment if you know more about it.

See here for the photos.

Happy New Year: 2008

I've not updated this site for the longest while .... I'll do my best to upload some photo's of Hannah's 5th birthday etc.

6 months since we moved back to Eindhoven

Today it is six months ago when we moved back to Eindhoven. Our live changed a lot: Hannah went to a new school, Luke got a new job and Fran started studying and working in daycare ! So we are quite a busy bunch right now.

Time flies, specially the last few weeks but we are moving in a positive direction at least. Funny, I'm typing this and looking out of the window I see a flock of geese in V shape formation flying by :-D

Photos of Bleeker Refractometer added

Saccharimeter 002Harrie Weitering sent me a few photos of his newly acquired Bleeker Refractometer. Click here for more info.


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