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Found a new job !

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I'll start at MI-Partners in August. Much closer to home, different kind of work ... I'm very excited about it. More news will follow.

My mom's 65th birthday

Oma Truus is almost 65 years old. Last weekend we already celibrated this milestone. We had a very nice dinner at a restaurant together with some close family members.

Hannah had a wonderful day. We went with the train to Culemborg. It was her first train trip. It didn't make a huge impression on her, but she enjoyed it. She stayed up very late but she did quite well. Oma Truus bought her some small presents for her during the dinner. So she had something to do, and of course sitting next to Oma is a treat on itself !

Back in Eindhoven

After living in Oosterhout for almost 6 months we returned to our cosy house in Eindhoven. Luckily it wasn't sold yet and we moved back in. Hannah will be going to her new school: de Reigerlaan right after the Easter holiday.

I'm now commuting to Delft by train. It's quite a distance but fortunately one connection: approx 1.5 hours. So this leaves me with much more time to keep this site updated ;-).

Returned from holiday in Guyana

Family photoWe all returned safely from our family holiday in Guyana. I haven't put the photo's online yet, but we made family photo's in a studio in Georgetown. Click on the thumbnail to see the photo of the three of us.

We celibrated Hannah's fourth birthday there too, see here for the photos.

Mechanical adding machine sold to collector

Moving house is an excellent opportunity to sift through your belongings and get rid of junk. I considered some things to be a bit more than just junk so I decided to put them on an auction site ( (Dutch site, recently bought by Ebay)). To my surprise most items sold very quickly. One of the more exotic items was my Burroughs mechanical adding machine. From a mechanical engineers point of view a wonderful piece of equipment. Too bad it spent its last four years in the storage space in our attic ...

Found a new job !

I've found a new job at a company called: Vision Dynamics. I'm very excited about it. I'll start working in Delft in mid October 2006. More news will follow.


- D.H. Lawrence

I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.

I've seen this in the movie 'GI Jane' by Ridley Scott. I have some blatant attacks of self pity now and then, this poem is a good cure !

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Murderer walks freely, parents of victim need help

Update 4: 2006-05-05:
There is some more info on the website of Peter R. de Vries:
Including a photo of the father of Deborah Williams putting flowers on the new grave.

Update 3: 2006-01-03:
We received some photo's of the finished grave monument:
Grave monument Debra Williams
Thanks to all who supported this effort !

Update 2: 2005-12-12:
Great news: enough money is donated for a decent grave monument. There's even some left for the parents. So I removed the bank account number of Jennifer (see below). We thank Jennifer for all her efforts !


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