Bought a RC-50 Loopstation

Last weekend I bought a RC-50 Loopstation. Made by Boss, very impressive pedal. Three loops in stereo ! This means I don't loose a channel with my Line6 POD X3 Live. Cool.

More on this later. I've still have to study the manual more...

Update August 2010: I've sold the RC-50, in the end I was not using it as much as I hoped.

Some instrumental things

I'm really enjoying playing guitar again these days. With my Line6 POD X3 Live guitar effect I can record directly to my laptop (USB2.0 link).
So attached are two small mp3's. Nothing spectacular (some might think craptacular) but anyway. I even use Brit_Chomp as my ringtone ...

Both mp3's are made with a dual effect: two amp simulations at the same time. Which gives a cool beefy sound.

Enjoy !

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