All new things concerning our darling.

Hannah can ride her bike

Yesterday Hannah rode her bike for the first time without trainer wheels all by herself. She can make turns, start and stop the whole works !

Here are some photos:
Hannah can bike, 1Hannah can bike, 2

New schoolphoto of Hannah

Schoolphoto, 4 years old

Here is the new school photo of Hannah:

Click on the photo for a larger version.

Her first schoolphoto:
School photo of Hannah

A few photos of Hannah at the petting zoo

Last Easter weekend we went to the petting zoo in the castle gardens of Geldrop. Here are a few photo's.

My apalogies for the bad quality, my phone has it's limitations...

Hannah in her carnival costume

Hannah in her carnival costume
This year is the first time Hannah got involved in the dutch version of carnaval. The Carribean version is much nicer to our taste, but anyway. Click on this image to see all the photo's:

Hannah washing the dishes

Not bad for a three year old !

The file is a bit large, about 7 [MB]... see the attachment.

Here it is on YouTube:

Hannah at the Sinterklaas party at work

As every year the secretaries of our department made a big effort to organise the Sinterklaas party. It was big fun. We had lots of sweets and sang the songs.
See here for the photo's.

Hannah singing !

Hannah likes to jump on the couch and use one of the lamps as a microphone. Check it out !
(see the attachments, one is in mpeg4 and the other in an ancient indeo format, if the first one fails to play, try the older format)

Hannah went to school for the first time.

Today Hannah went to school (kindergarten) for the 1st time. It will be only half a day. Friday morning and Tuesday afternoon.


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