Murderer walks freely, parents of victim need help

  • Posted on: 7 November 2005
  • By: lucas

Update 4: 2006-05-05:
There is some more info on the website of Peter R. de Vries:
Including a photo of the father of Deborah Williams putting flowers on the new grave.

Update 3: 2006-01-03:
We received some photo's of the finished grave monument:
Grave monument Debra Williams
Thanks to all who supported this effort !

Update 2: 2005-12-12:
Great news: enough money is donated for a decent grave monument. There's even some left for the parents. So I removed the bank account number of Jennifer (see below). We thank Jennifer for all her efforts !

Hannah singing !

  • Posted on: 30 October 2005
  • By: lucas

Hannah likes to jump on the couch and use one of the lamps as a microphone. Check it out !
(see the attachments, one is in mpeg4 and the other in an ancient indeo format, if the first one fails to play, try the older format) on a VT320

  • Posted on: 21 July 2005
  • By: lucas

I salvaged a DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation, bought by Compaq now HP) VT320 terminal from the garbage crate at work. Always wanted to have one. A real hardware terminal !

After some problems (never do something stupid with your /etc/ttys file ...) I got it hooked up to my FreeBSD machine with a 3 wire serial cable. Really nice to see it working, it's a bit slow because of the crappy 3 wire 9600 baud connection but that just needs a bit of time and solder.