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  • Posted on: 10 May 2004
  • By: lucas

Introduction Who is the Koorneef family exactly? Hmm, that depends on what you call the Koorneef family. I've always understood that all the people with the surname 'Koorneef' or Korneef, Koornneef, Koorneff, Korneff, Coorneef (!), Coornneef etc. form the same family tree. Where and when this tree started growing exactly is a bit unclear to me, what I know is: All come from the area of 'Brielle' Netherlands roughly near the coast and Rotterdam. The surname is not widely known in the Netherlands, some people I met even thought it was an eastern European name... Which is not so strange: there is a Russian footballplayer called Igor Korneev who even played in Dutch clubs. Anyway, the records of the name go back till the 15th century or so. My brother Rob has a book on the name, I haven't read it yet. Ok, let's show a part of the family tree so you can see where we fit in:

    My grandparents:
  • Lucas Koorneef x Jacoba Maat, see: more info on Geneanet
  • My parents:

  • Arie Koorneef x Geertruida (Truus) Heeremans
  • And us:Lucas Koorneef x Francine Leal (Rahaman)

    • Hannah Koorneef
    • Shannon Koorneef

My grandfather was a blacksmith/factory foreman in Tiel. He was born in 1885. I still have his 'lottery ticket' which kept him out of military service in the first world war: The Great War: 1914-1918]. (cannot load image node)A photo of the three of us:

About: Lucas Koorneef I'm the webmaster for this site. I don't like a static, non-interactive page so much so I first wanted to make a nice object-oriented site. BUT time is a very valuable asset when you have children, so I looked around a bit and found an enormous collection of CMS'es (content management system). Drupal appealed to me most, so here it is in it's full glory.

Ok, that's enough geeky talk. Here's some history ! Born in Tiel (NL) in 1969, my parents: Truus (G.M.) Heeremans and Arie (A.D.) Koorneef. Went to the Prinses Juliana School in Tiel (primary school, 6 years). After that secondary school: RSG Tiel (Rijks Scholen Gemeenschap) first HAVO and then VWO. Then from Tiel to the Technical University in Eindhoven to study mechanical engineering (Werktuigbouwkunde). That wasn't such a big succes. So after 1 year I went across the road to the Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven (now: Fontys). Five years later I got my diploma. I was drafted for military service in december 1994. I volunteered for the peacekeeping UNProfor mission. After 12 months I was a civilian again. Started working at Philips CFT (Center for Fun and Technology). I left Philips for 10 months to work at: OLM bv Bureau voor Online Marketing. This company developed web communities like http://www.smulweb.nl (still exists). OLM itself went bankrupt a year after I left. I learned a lot during my time there: Unix (FreeBSD !), databases, programming languages etc. In the year before I left Philips we (Hannah, Fran and I) went for 8 weeks to Pittsburgh (PA, USA) to join the RedTeam (http://www.redteamracing.org). I worked on the gimbal for the H1ghlander Hummer autonomous robot. See here for some photos. The second day of our stay there Fran had a miscarriage. So we had some tough times there. Luckily my Philips colleagues in Pittsburgh were very helpful. Just too bad that Franny was so isolated in our appartment. I left Philips in October 2006 and joined Vision Dynamics. I used to work at Mapper Lithography in Delft. I left Vision Dynamics in August 2007 and started at MI-Partners BV. For more info about my current and past jobs, see my LinkedIn page: View Lucas Koorneef's profile on LinkedIn My length: 190 [cm] = 6'2.8" in imperial units. I always forget.

In my spare time I play electric guitar. I like to play bluesy rock kind of music. Lately discovered Joe Bonamassa, whose music I really dig at the moment. Other big influences: Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani (a lot of J's ...). 

Francine Koorneef Francine is my better half. And that's not exaggerated at all. We married in 2002, see the photos. Our oldest daughter Hannah was born on the 27th December 2002, Shannon was born on the 9th of November 2009 . Here are some photo's of Hannah, here a few of Shannon.

 If you want to contact us, please use this link to send us a mail.

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