The team behind the final rotation issue of the 'Geitenpad'

  • Posted on: 30 December 2004
  • By: lucas

The three here on this photo did the work on the rotation issue of the 'Geitenpad' (goat path) magazine. The left one is me. I helped to scan the photo's and did some editing/layout. Martijn van Rooij (in the middle) was the photographer of the batallion. Arjen Jäger (on the right) helped as well.

The term geitenpad came from the terrible state a lot of the roads or better: improvised tracks were in on which we drove our cars and trucks.

I'm busy setting up a special page with the original text and photo's from the "Rotatie Geitenpad".

Martijn now lives in Norway. You can read about his adventure here:

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