Ben, Lars, Dionne & Corne

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Ben Veroude

Baby Ben Veroude !

Lars and Dionne, 2

Proud mummy Dionne holding Lars.

Lars Veroude

Just born ! (on the 28th of august 2005)

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Rehana, Lars and Dionne, 3

Grandmother Rehana is very happy too !

Dionne on the "Rooi Pannen" advertisement

Franny found this the Eindhoven guide. Dionne is a celebrity !

Dionne on the "Rooi Pannen" advertisement, zoomed in on Dionne

The print is very grainy. You have to step back a bit to see better.

Dionne and Franny

At Dionne's birthday, 2004.

Four babes !

Dionne, Franny, Grandma and Hannah all on one couch !
Photo taken on Dionne's birthday, April 4th, 2004.


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