After some configuration sending mail works again

  • Posted on: 17 June 2005
  • By: lucas

Everything worked smoothly on the new network of except sending mail. Receiving was not a problem. My guess is that all outgoing mail on port 25 (SMTP) is blocked except to the mail server of
After some googling I found a few sites with instructions for using the mail server as a relay using sendmail. It was relatively painless. Approx. 2 hours to get everything working. Best thing is that everything works just as it did with the xs4all network. on glass fibre !

  • Posted on: 16 June 2005
  • By: lucas

I hooked up to the new glass fibre network of

Wow ! with a fast internet connection you can really see the difference in speed: 10Mb is no joke. The only disadvantage is that they use DHCP, hopefully my IP address doesn't change too much. Ah well, I can always use the dynamic dns option from An unix client is available. No worries !

Arrived safely in Eindhoven

  • Posted on: 7 June 2005
  • By: lucas

We just arrived tired but safely in Eindhoven. We collected all suitcases without problems. Almost no traffic jams on the way back. Hannah slept half the way to Amsterdam, she also slept in the taxi to our home and she is still sleeping now. Just now we have to wake her up to get her adjusted a bit to the local time here.

Both grandmothers are here now. Anxiously waiting for Hannah to wake up. My mom opened the door, she cleaned the house, bought groceries etc. That's really great, to come into your home all ready and clean.

Our luggage checked in, waiting at PIT airport

  • Posted on: 6 June 2005
  • By: lucas

We checked in all our suitcase, hopefully we'll see them again in Amsterdam tomorrow morning. Everything went well this far, the thunderclouds have gone (we heard that it was total chaos this morning due to the weather).

Alleys and Peter went with us to the airport, they picked up their rental car. They helped us out a lot with checking in. Thanks again !

Ahh, free wireless internet, more airports should do that. Notably DTW and AMS ! it such a great service !

Franny is checking out the stores and Hannah is pulling one of our bags, very funny to watch. See you all in the good ol' Netherlands.

All set for departure to Pittsburgh

  • Posted on: 5 April 2005
  • By: lucas

We got my passport back from the Consulate within one day (!) after the application. I was warned by collegues that it could take more than a week. Luckily not in my case because we already booked flights for the 8th of April.

So, finally everything is ready. Now we can start packing !

Here is a link to a nice movie of the Gimbal (the sensor platform of Highlander, the autonomous Hummer):
Redteam video's.