Happy New Year: 2008

  • Posted on: 6 January 2008
  • By: lucas

I've not updated this site for the longest while .... I'll do my best to upload some photo's of Hannah's 5th birthday etc.

We bought a new used car: an Opel Agila (the same model as the Suziki Wagon R+). To many it's too ugly to mention, but to us it is a very practical car. The production in Poland stopped of this model, but there are plenty around still. Our car has black metallic paint, 4 doors, electronic locks, windows etc. all in a tiny package.
So after 6 months managing quite well without a car our mobility increased considerably. I'm trying hard not to take the car too much to work ;-)

More news ? hmm, I bought a POD X3 Live guitar effect (by Line6. Love it to bits ! sounds absolutely amazing. To flatten the dent in my account a bit I sold my old POD and Floorboard.

Oh, Maudy introduced me to the music of the Wizards of Ooze: a terrific Belgium (Antwerp) band. I bought two CD's on Marktplaats already: "The Dipster" and the first promo CD (a real collectors item according to Jasper who is kind enough to sell it to me). Unfortunately the band broke up years ago. But the music is: }:)