Wow, what happened ?

  • Posted on: 12 March 2014
  • By: lucas

The blog post below is 6 years old !

I wasn't in a coma for so long, a lot of stuff happened. The most wonderful thing: the birth of our daughter Shannon:

Shannon 10 months old

Bought a new guitar a year ago: a Line6 JTV Variax. A really cool guitar and since I put it on the wall in the livingroom I play it a lot ! (really a lot compared to the 10 minutes / two weeks before that). What helped that I ran across the music of Joe Bonamasa ! wow, really inspiring to play more. I sold my Fender Strat, Ibanez JS1000, Line6 POD X3 and POD500. Now I only own a simple but livingroom proof Yamaha THR 10 amplifier.

A lot of things didn't change: hapilly married to my wonderful wife Francine, I still work happily at MI-Partners BV, we all live in the same house....

Also, Facebook came along. If you don't watch out that's a real 'personal website killer'. This article predicted it already in 2008 ! (well before the Facebook boom).  And this NY Times 2011 piece covers the same thing. I'll do my best to put more effort in my OWN site instead of handing everything over to Facebook / Google etc.