Wednesday, on the way home

  • Posted on: 20 June 2007
  • By: lucas

Spent the night at Henk and Debby's. Arrived late in Rotterdam, took tram line 4 instead of 8. Got out on the Berglaan and walked to the Crooswijkse bocht. I looked at the maps, and generally knew which direction to take. But, when walking in unknown territory without a landmark to set your sights on you start feel a bit queesy when it takes long without recognizing something. Of course it took only 10 minutes or so to reach Henk's house.

Henk helped Debby to cut the hooves of the two goats. The ground is soft in their huge backyard so the hooves grow too long. Debby had quite a job to hold the goats whilest Henk cut the hooves with a potato knife. That's not an ordinary thing people do living in Rotterdam ;-)

We ate in the Trefpunt. Good food. I had the chicken sateh skewer served hanging down from a miniture gallows. Which reminded both Henk and I of the wonderfull fish dish we had in Valras Plage ( ) in the south of France. The cut up fish was skewered on spikes on a red hot cast iron ball which was suspended with a chain from a small gallow. Wow ! really nice. The cast iron ball kept the fish warm, and it tasted great.

Anyways, the sateh was fine. I did try to not gorge myself (I was quite hungry, it was 20:30 already) on the potatoe chips. Henk and I talked a lot about the things going on at his company ( ). If only Reeuwijk was a bit closer to Eindhoven .... sigh. I've this feeling it would be very nice to work there.

Tomorrow is the Software Development Day in Rosmalen. I don't really know what to expect from it. This MBTI thing doesn't really sound too interesting, but I'll see. Curious if I will see any familiar faces there !

A bit tired. Managed to go to bed before midnight, and get up at 5:45, reached work at 7:00. So I'm not the brightest soul right now. So, no Rise of Nations last night. Fran will go to badminton tonight, so I can do some things ... like ... uh, drape myself on the couch watching something useless on TV ... or ... prepare for tomorrow...