Wednesday, 4th of July

  • Posted on: 4 July 2007
  • By: lucas

Fireworks in the US later today. In ten days in France (ok, it's my birthday, so go ahead if it makes you feel good). Yesterday quite a bit of natural fireworks: thunder. And what kept me busy for most of the night was the result of the get-together with Leo. I must say I'm really impressed. A solid plan. Very interesting projects. Down to earth approach. So I left the cafe yesterday a happy man.

This afternoon I'll have a talk with Maarten at the TUe. Looking forward to that !

Of course all these new developments kept my mind busy. So I had very little sleep last night. I've to get through today as good as possible and tonight I'll be so exhausted I will sleep no matter what.

Yesterday my Mom came (very) early to look after Hannah when Fran was working. Of course she spoilt Hannah rotten. They went to the swimming pool. It was extremely busy: the school holiday started and the weather is very lousy. But they had a jolly good time. It is so nice to see my mother busy with Hannah. Our precious gets full attention. When I got home (rather late, I talked for over 1.5 hours with Leo) she still had some time to help Fran sowing the rather complicated short pants.

Monday afternoon I saw in the small harbour in Delft a large hydraulic Stewart Platform. I recognized it immediately, but didn't know it was called "Ampelmann". AmpelmannThe free newspaper Metro even has a photo and 1 line of text on page 4 ! It's being developed at the Technical University in Delft with the help of a lot of private companies. To my surprise I saw the small logo of Hycos. It's a small world ! I made two photo's with my phone: the one on this page and this one.

Ahh, now I remember what Ampelmann stands for: in German it is the green man on the traffic lights for pedestrian crossings: (I of course knew it was German, but couldn't put my finger on the word ...). Anyway, it's a bit strange that Bosch Rexroth is not mentioned at all on the websites. Rexroth (or better: the former Hydraudyne in Boxtel) have been developing and producing these platforms for ages. This Ampelmann is just such a platform with an IMU and some smart control. So I don't get what all the fuss is about.