Wednesday, 15th of August 2007

  • Posted on: 15 August 2007
  • By: lucas

Today was my first day at MI-Partners. Got to the office a bit late: first dropped Hannah to school. She started with school again after her long 6 weeks holiday on Monday. She enjoys her new class and there is now fussing when I leave her in the classroom.

The office at MI-Partners is still quite empty: just Leo and me right now. Didn't get really started yet: first I got my new 'n shiny laptop up and running with all the specific adjustments and applications I prefer (VIM, Irfanview, Firefox etc). We have now Office 2007 ... my goodness ! I was hoping for a option to get back to the old style menu/buttons UI but no ... aarrghh !

Well, anyway, the office is small, but modern. And more important: the coffee is drinkable (although not as good as at Mapper ;-)). The first days will be more getting things to work etc and starting Monday I'll get involved in some project, which is not known yet.

Fran is going to a Korein day care centre to 'see if she will like the work'. Last week at her interview there was a bit of doubt if Fran was really motivated to work in day care. A bit understandable: we don't have any experience with day care centres. I hope she likes the atmosphere and will be able to show what she is worth. I know she can do it.