On the way to a warm weekend.

  • Posted on: 1 June 2007
  • By: lucas

I spent last evening and night at Henk in Rotterdam. Had dinner in the cafe het Trefpunt. Decent food for decent prices. We stayed up way too late discussing GIS, Imagem, software etc. We had a good time.

Getting up this morning was a bit of a struggle, but managed to get to work in time: 7:15AM.

Henk and I played around with Titan (from Leica). An interesting community, Google world like map sharing, messenger kind of application. I also installed it on my laptop so we could try out all the features. There some bugs and inconsistencies in the GUI. It's still BETA ... The 3D effects are well done. Drag 'n drop a map in the GlobeExplorer window works really neat. The view centers on the ortho-rectified file and voila ! a slide fade control is available as well in the layer window. Cool !

I just installed the Google map (Gmap) module for Drupal. Nice ! I can now easily generate a macro to display a google map on this site. Let me demonstrate:
uuhmm, not ... somehow my API key is not accepted ... which is strange because I made a macro in the about. page... anyway, now reading a bit on KML the geo XML file format that Google uses (and Titan by the way ...). Doesn't look overly complicated, useful ...

Just heard that David Biloen and Jeanine broke up. More about that lator. I haven't talked with David for ages so hopefully we can meet up soon.

Still haven't called Angelo yet ... hmm. Have to do so soon !

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