Tuesday, what's in a name ?

  • Posted on: 26 June 2007
  • By: lucas

Headline at nu.nl: "Majoor Bosshardt overleden." She died at an age of 94 ! Retired from her Salvation Army work in 1978, but stayed active for that organisation till her death. I don't know much about her other the things I read in the news and some things I saw on TV, but I'm touched by this news.

Went to bed early last night, but instead of a blissful night of sleep I woke up a few times. Don't remember that I was awake for long. I feel a bit refreshed now, but the proof of the pudding will be after lunch. Which will be at TNO together with Marijn. So that's something to look out for.

The review of my document is today at 9:00. Have some time to prepare a bit.

Yesterday Saude was at our place after school to play with Hannah. They did ok, Saude is a bit timid, but it was her first visit. They are the same age but it is funny to see the differences. Saude can already write some letters while Hannah only now and then is interested to practice writing. Fran does her best but if Hannah wants to do something else then we don't force her of course. All will come in due time. When dinner was ready we put the little table and chairs for them to sit at. Facing eachother they ate. Saude is not such an eater, she only wanted plain rice. We tried to seduce her with chicken, beans a bit of sauce (we had chicken Madras) but no, it was all in vain. Her father, Prince picked her up just when she finished her second serving of rice. It was raining quite heavily when they left, we offered an umbrella, but Prince said: "She is not carrying salt on her head" ;-)