Tuesday, as usual

  • Posted on: 5 June 2007
  • By: lucas

The weather quite ok today again. It was hot in our bedroom last night. Sleeping with the fan on is not something I'm very fond of, but without AC there are not much alternatives.

I was looking for my small machete (chopper, cutlass) this morning in the shed, than I remembered I have it in the attic. Tomorrow I'll bring it to work to clear the path of ... weeds (no, I haven't turned into a homicidal cutlass swinging maniac ... Gee, I really have to see all the episodes of "the Young Ones" again). The weeds growing so fast now that the little pedestrian bridge is almost engulfed with them. So, Gert-Jan suggested to bring a machete ... and I said ok, I'll bring one. But that has to wait till tomorrow.

Cool ! a newer version of ReCaptcha is out: correcting the form's display in the Garland theme. Now I can switch back to that nicer looking theme ! Jippy !

Called David Biloen yesterday, He was busy ... I'll call him back tonight. Sometimes I feel people can see right through me. It just takes a simple remark and bang, that's it. Had a few of these moments in my life.

Well it's getting hot in the train. These old German trains only have ARKO instead of Airco: "Alle Ramen Kunnen Open" (Dutch: All windows can be opened". But the breeze is ok, the only thing is the shockwave when a passing train comes by ... wow what a noise and pressure front.

On the way back home now. With quite an empty stomach. I wonder how long I can keep this 'eat less, but enough and not too much junk' diet up. According to the statistics not long ;-) This reminds me: I've to install the smileys filter for this site.

With the GMap module is really easy to include Google maps within nodes. Works really easy. You can see 2 for now on the about page. The GMap macro generator spits out a macro (duh) and pasting that into a node results into a tiny (or large, whatever you want) map right in the text. Cool ! Can't do it really in the train because of bandwith limitations.

What's strange though are the missing google search referrer parameters in the logs. I used to see something like this:
and now I mostly only see this in the referral lists:
when I track a node (check from where the node was referred). Really strange. I'm not sure if this has to do with Drupal 5.1 or with Google. Too bad, because it was always nice to see directly what kind of search words lead to my site. I've to do some browsing to see if more people have this problem.