Trip to the USA, part 3

  • Posted on: 15 September 2004
  • By: lucas

It's Tuesday evening in my second week. I'm sitting in my favourite cafe, with free wireless internet !

I've got my credit card sorted out last week, picked up my rental car from the airport and things are generally ok. The food at the Indian restaurant was excellent, made me feel like eating at home. No burgers/fries/ketchup tonight.

At work things haven't been going as smoothly as I hoped. Yesterday I found out that the measurement equipment was not working properly. Luckily with the help of the German service desk and people at the office here we got it working again. It was a bit scary to open very expensive measurement equipment and to adjust screws to get the optics aligned again ... but anyway, after that I just had to disassemble another piece of equipment that wasn't working either. Next time I've to ship anything I'll make sure it's packed in a triple set of boxes minimum ! A double set is just not enough to survive the trip.

Anyways, I've made a two sight seeing trips last weekend. See for some photo's.

There's a lot more to tell about this country. A lot of the cliches are true, some have more nuances than others. A few things I can think of now:

You can buy a shotgun (a real one, not a toy) at Walmart, ok you can buy almost anything at Walmart, but it still is a supermarket. Barry called it Walburg, because it's so huge (two times the Albert Heijn super store in Eindhoven).

Volkswagen, Audi (same company), Jaguar and Mercedes are the only European cars you see here. The rest are American / Japanese / Korean and is on average huge in size.

Totally unrelated: I bought the new Joe Satriani CD: 'Is there love in space ?'. I've been playing it in the car all the time, it's a really cool CD !, I bought it at Barnes & Noble, nice book/music store, with a Starbucks coffee shop inside. One can sample a book over a cup of decent coffee, cool !

I still have trouble replying to the standard greeting here: 'How are you doing ?'
You are supposed to say in return: 'Fine, how are you ?' but I stumble often with: "I'm fine thank you, how are ... " at that time the person at the counter looses interest and I will tell him what I want ... I've to remind myself to keep it short and superficial ;-)

The staff will kick me out of the cafe now, it's 10:00PM ....