Thursday, misty morning

  • Posted on: 19 July 2007
  • By: lucas

The thin layer of morning fog and the sun low above it make a powerful sight. Yesterday Mahindra came to Eindhoven, thanks to GPS he found his way easily. It still took him a bit less than 2 hours from Brussels.

The day before I checked the cable on my bike that changes the gears and I noticed it was almost broken. I noticed the last days that the 4th gear would slip now and then. So when I tried to adjust the cable tension I saw that the cable only had a few strands still intact. Well, bought a new cable (2.25 euro) and together with Mahindra installed in on my bike. Wasn't too difficult and it's changing gears like ever before.

What's worrying me sometimes is the difficulty Hannah has with speaking English. Understanding it is not the problem. Franny, Mahindra and many others tell me not to worry ... but still. I tried to look up "passive vocabulary" at WikiPedia but didn't come up with a result. If I remember correctly your passive vocabulary are the words you don't have to think about before using them. Your passive vocabulary are the words you know but have to 'fetch by hand' from memory. So I guess Hannah has a huge English passive vocabulary ;-)