Staying overnight in Delft

  • Posted on: 3 May 2007
  • By: lucas

Today I'm going to stay in a hotel in Delft. So I can work a bit longer today and still get a bit more sleep. If I can find a decent hotel. The train is packed already, for some reason the NS (National Railways) put the smallest train they have on this service. So everybody will be looking what I'm doing with my credit card ... not so handy pansy.

Anyway, tried to make a reservation for the Vermeer hotel in Delft. Looks ok, 112 euros for the night. Not too bad. Got a confirmation email, so it looks ok. Better call later in the morning to confirm with the hotel itself.

The sun is rising in full red glare. Nice view when crossing Hollands Diep (I think). Almost in Dordrecht. 6:30 ... sigh.

Hannah's bear suit arrived yesterday. Tomorrow she has to speak one line in the play her class will perform. It cost a pound and a crown, but we hope to sell it again on or so. It's a nice and furry one, with a ears on top and even mittens. Yesterday she really enjoyed the birthday party of Olivia.