Rainy monday, 25th June

  • Posted on: 25 June 2007
  • By: lucas

It's a rainy day, lucky so far: 3 out of the 4 bike rides were dry(ish). Hopefully Eindhoven will be a bit dry in an hours time. Yesterday evening Eugene dropped by. Nice seeing him after 2 or more years (can't remember exactly). He now lives in Meerhoven since May. So it's good to have a friend close by.

A bit tired now. Worked hard on my report in the train this morning. It still wasn't finished when I got to work. After some frantic copying and pasting and deleting etc I got to send it at 8:30 ... hmm that only leaves 24.5 hours of preparation time for the review. Not good. We'll see what happens tomorrow morning. I didn't see Mari today, hopefully she is at work tomorrow ... but then she will not have time to read it before the review. Sigh. On the other hand Aditya put some remarks about boundary conditions in a mail already, and there was more to come ... oops !

Anyways, the simulations for the LS shielding are progressing just fine.

Franny went to work at Mrs. Popova today again. I think it went a bit better today then the first time last week. It's also Hannah's last week before the summer holiday. Starting from coming week my Mom will come on Tuesdays to look after Hannah while Fran is working. Very nice of my Mom to do that for us. She will cook for us as well, so we'll have some sturdy Dutch food once per week.