Monday, 6th of August

  • Posted on: 6 August 2007
  • By: lucas

Last Monday in Delft. Made a whole set of photo's with my mobile this morning from the train station to Mapper. Some taken standing still the rest on the go "from the loose wrist" as we Dutch say it. The results are good enough for me, funny to see the distortions in the images. Quite a few are just the bike path itself (the delay between pressing the 'shutter' button and the image capture is long ...) but that doesn't bother me. The sun was out this morning so I'm a happy camper.

The weekend was very enjoyable. Saturday was Tayo and Tola's birthday. Had a few too many Guinness bottles, but they tasted great. A bit different than the ones from Banks in Guyana. The bottles Prince buys here are imported from Ireland so you can't get more original than that. The weather was great. When we went home Fran's bike rear tire had a puncture. That was my big project yesterday. Replaced the inner and outer tire, greased the chain etc. Although it was hot (30 degr C) I took my time and it went well. Luckily I had all the parts I needed at home. Have to buy new spares asap !

Why is that so important ? well, we still don't have a car. Since the 1st of April we are doing without. Still not encountered a big problem, on Saturday mornings I do the shopping with the bike cart. But of course ... the winter has yet to come ...

Too bad we can't buy an extra train reduction card for Franny with a family discount. I've one (55 euros/year) so if we travel together we can get a 40% discount on our tickets but if she travels alone she would have to buy a reduction card herself. And I'm not sure that's worth it. Mostly we will be travelling with the three of us so ...

Wednesday Fran is going to her interview to Korein. It's the largest daycare company in Eindhoven and I really hope she gets the job. It will be 1 day at school and 2 days working per week. So that would be an excellent opportunity for her. We'll practice her interview tonight }:)