Monday, 4th June, Back to work

  • Posted on: 4 June 2007
  • By: lucas

Nice weather, now and in the weekend. Didn't do anything special the last 2 days. Rested a bit. Read the newspaper (saw an interesting ad from ASML, registered for a workshop/interactive seminar blah blah on a by public transport unreachable spot (The House of the Future). Anyways, first wait for a confirmation, maybe they think I don't fit in their profile. We'll see.

Bad news from my Mom: Wim was admitted to hospital right after the wedding of Tessa and Walter Kroes. Pneumonia in both longs. He was suffering from enormous pain. He got antibiotics and other medication. He is still in the hospital, but luckily things are improving. So they hope he can go home today or tomorrow.

Got to add Frank Sperling to my LinkedIn network, via David Biloen. Interesting. He now works at TMC (The Member Company). Have some good memories of Frank when he was a groupleader at the CFT.

Hmm, the math captcha for this site was way too easy for the comment spammers ... in less than a day more than 500 comments were posted ... argh. I deleted the comments with phpmyadmin, but now the comment counters displayed with the nodes are not in sync anymore, sigh. I hope it's a cache thingy, otherwise I have to do something more intelligent ... or I had to install a mass comment delete module. I'm not sure there is one for Drupal 5 though... For now I've switched back the theme to the original boring blue one and enabled the ReCaptcha module. Looks good. Have to look for a way to display the ReCaptcha properly in the Garland theme. Must be some CSS problem or so.

Already between Rotterdam and Schiedam ... time goes fast when you have a low bandwidth connection.

Update: Heading back home
When you start to think that public transport is quite on time and regular, the shit hits the fan ... Not too much today luckily. A fault in the current supply between Rotterdam and Utrecht. But of course this problem ripples throught the whole timetable. The delay is quite considerable already, now between Breda and Tilburg. But anyway ... I'll call Franny just now.