Little secret

  • Posted on: 18 July 2007
  • By: lucas

Fran and I have no secrets between us ;-) but since last Monday I bought she her birthday present. So, what's the matter ? Her birthday is Saturday the 21st of July and the present (of course) is meant to be a surprise. I lugged the the big box on my bike home and when I came in through the gate she already saw the box. Nicely wrapped in gift paper by the friendly girl from the Blokker. So I hid the box in the shed as well as possible. And started teasing her about the contents. She can easily find out how much money I spent on it so I told her in advance. But the nice thing is that the amount opens up a whole range of handy items for the kitchen. So unless she does have a peek (which is all too likely, she searched the whole house from attic to cellar one day to find her present ... :o) ) it will be a big surprise Saturday ! I'll be singing "Happy birthday" with Hannah of which I can't print the lyrics here because there are copyright claims on it ! Don't believe me ? check this Wikipedia page.

Funny, the Wikipedia page also has this familiar version:
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, you look like a monkey, and you smell like one too"

Mahindra will come today to Eindhoven. He wants to play badminton with Franny. Quite a drive for him from Brussels. But Eindhoven is still within comfortable driving range.

I called Jan van Helvoirt yesterday, I got his name from Maarten Steinbuch. He was/is doing his PhD at the TUe and is now starting a company (CST Innovations) involved in measuring systems built on the TUeDACS system. I'll try to meet him coming week or the following week. Interesting stuff ! could be a low cost alternative to SigLab.

Remarkable what can be done with just a slow GPRS internet link: Firefox just updated itself to ... this goes on in the background, so don't really noticed it. I've received 3.6MB through my phone now (arrived in Rotterdam). So that's quite impressive.

Angelo called me yesterday. He told me that Dick wasn't doing well. Dick's mother is seriously ill and at work things are not going as planned. I'll try to call him today.