Glad to see my bike back again

  • Posted on: 12 April 2007
  • By: lucas

Yesterday in the early morning I left my bike in front of the closed door of the bike storage plage (fietsenstalling) at the station. Wondering if I would ever see it again. Well, luckily the staff stored my bike plus the others (a few more bikes were already parked there when I came). So very happy about that, today the place was open as usual.

Yesterday my mom visited us. She went with Hannah and Franny to the swimmingpool and they had a good time. Hannah is still afraid to push her head under water. She slipped and fell down with her head under water which resulted in a good cry. All three of them were very tired when I got home. Franny made a delicious noodles dish with fried chicken and egg. We also discussed the latest trials and tribulations within the family. There's a lot going on and we have to make our own choices and not let us getting dragged into something.

Anyways, close to Dordrecht again... I better get to do some work.