Friday, going home

  • Posted on: 15 June 2007
  • By: lucas

Quicker than last Friday. Sitting next to some very annoying loud speaking persons. Yek !

Can't think straight ... too much distraction. Anyway coming weekend we are going to my mom's to celibrate fathersday. So, pretty much of the weekend is already setup. Shopping, bus, train, etc.

Put my headphoneplugs in, playing Satriani at the loudest volume possible to push out the noise of the terrible two next to me. Almost want to describe how repulsive they are ...

But, got a surprising telephone call today from ASML yesterday. They apparently had so many applications for the "Development Day Software" that they had to do a telephone quick scan filter kind of thing. So she asked me a few questions (4 out of 5 she could have read from my CV, but anyway). Today I got the invitation to come to Rosmalen to the 'event'. In the email there was a link to a online survey for a Myers-Briggs personality type test. MBTI (Type Indicator). See also:

The test of is full of spelling errors ! how professional !

And a Professor ! (wow, we are really impressed) Robert Hooijberg is coming to tell us all about it. Hmm, Carl Jung, non academic, no test, not verified ... I'm very dissapointed with this. But my fault, I've should have read the text on the site a bit better and should have looked up what MBTI means ...
It's no surp....

Okidoki, had to run out of the train in a rush. So didn't finish this topic last Friday... But, lucky me, it's Monday again !