Finally posting this photo: Space invaders graffiti on the bike path

  • Posted on: 22 May 2007
  • By: lucas

I've finally took the time to post the photo below (it's not a seperate node yet, later it will be). Anyway, enjoy !

It's the bike path from downtown Eindhoven to the High Tech Campus (the old Philips NatLab, or research). I had a good laugh the first time I saw it. No idea if this is something original or who made it.

I've another funny photo of a constipated horse statue ... But I'm in the tunnel at Rotterdam already, so that will have to wait.

Ok, update: here it is:

Today my Mom will come to Eindhoven by train. Fran will pick her up from the station with the bus. So she can drive home again in the evening. Hannah already knows that her Oma is picking her up. She is really fond of my Mom. I only have to wash and vacuum her car before she leaves for Ommeren... oops, forgot to do that Sunday.

Henk sent me a mail yesterday. Good to hear from him, I'll call him tonight. Wanted to do it yesterday but was too tired and was watching the first part of Troy with Fran. A bit silly, because we have the DVD, so why watch it on SBS6 with those furiously irritating commercials ? (and subtitles).