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Photo's of our holiday to Belgium online

The photo's taken during our holiday in Belgium are online. We stayed in a Centerparcs bungalow park called Erperheide. We enjoyed it very much, there was lot's to do for Hannah. Click here for the photo's !

I finally started working on the kitchen again

You can see the first photos here:

Some text on the first day:

The photo's are showing again !

After the cvs update today the photo's are back !

To celibrate this I uploaded a few recent photos of Hannah, you can find them by clicking here.

The photo's are not showing ....

I'm sorry, the photo's are not visible right now. The thumbnails are, the bigger sizes not.

Strange, I keep up with the latest developments at and it usually keeps working ... but being on the 'bleeding edge' means that sometimes things break :-(.

I hope this gets resolved soon ...

Photos of our wedding online

We already are 2 years married this month, so the photo's are a tidbit late ... sorry !

You can find them at: Wedding photo gallery.

New theme, some more content for

I updated the site with a new theme and put some more 'about us' info in a separate page, see: About us.

The site looks a bit more lively now, I'll try to add more content later. server upgraded

In exchange for a dinner our neighbour Bastiaan gave me his old pc. He just bought a new one and his 'old' one still means a factor 4 performance increase wrt to my good ol' 333MHz Celeron ... is finally a bit interactive

I've just installed drupal version 4.3.1. And it works !
At least, good enough.

Please feel free to join in ! send in your comments etc.
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