koorneef.net on glass fibre !

  • Posted on: 16 June 2005
  • By: lucas

I hooked bsd1.koorneef.net up to the new glass fibre network of onsneteindhoven.nl

Wow ! with a fast internet connection you can really see the difference in speed: 10Mb is no joke. The only disadvantage is that they use DHCP, hopefully my IP address doesn't change too much. Ah well, I can always use the dynamic dns option from easydns.com An unix client is available. No worries !

Update: since October 2006 this site is hosted at Site5. We temporarily moved house and when I tried booting the FreeBSD machine the harddisks failed. So, this site is still running on a Unix (Linux) but not at home anymore. But it feels good I can still login with SSH !