Why is the train going so slow ?

  • Posted on: 11 April 2007
  • By: lucas

Whoops, there's a 'stop train' in front of the intercity I'm sitting in. Ah well, I'm between Tilburg and Breda, so we'll catch up.

The new stainless steel thermos is working really well ! decent coffee for a small price compared to the 'brew' you can buy at the station for 1.50 euro. I can almost buy 2 weeks of coffee for that amount. Ok, that sounds stingy, but I'm still Dutch ;-) and 4*5*1.50=30 euro's a month, that's what I pay for my phone !

Anyways, the bike shelter was closed this morning ... a few more paying customers put their bikes in front of the closed doors, hoping the staff would put them inside. They are supposed to open at 04:45 and I arrived on 05:25 ... I really hope I'll see my bike again when I get back in Eindhoven in the afternoon.

At work things are ramping up. More focus, milestones etc. Looking good. Working now on some quick modelling of a new actuator concept. Trying to keep concentrated is not easy. Last night I was reading a story to Mary and I was translating the dutch Disney book into English on the fly, but not as flawless as I hoped. The short nights certainly have an effect.