• Posted on: 27 June 2007
  • By: lucas

Staring out of the window in infinity. The sun is playing its usual tricks with the clouds. On my right is a nice funnel shaped cloud releasing its burden.

Yesterday Fran went to the wrong address for her appointment with the lunch coordinator of the Flora laan school. Apparently the address we saw on the website of the school applies to something different. An Moroccan woman helped her out, took her into her house to get a map, made phone calls. So Fran went on her way again to the south of Eindhoven (she was in the north ...). And after a long bike trip she met the coordinator of the school. Wow. I'm really proud of her. She is not such a hero regarding new places to go to.

Called Angelo yesterday. Kim, Isabella and Michael are doing ok. Michael is almost sleeping through the night and is growing well. Angelo is still enjoying his work at AppTech, but I was surprised how many people left already.

So the review of my document of yesterday went reasonably well. Allthough Guido couldn't make it and we only got till page 13 of 23. But some actionpoints came up so I won't be out of work soon.