On the way home after two days Delft

  • Posted on: 9 May 2007
  • By: lucas

After spending the night in the hotel Leeuwenbrug I'm glad to go back again. The hotel was quite good actually, but I want too see Hannah and Fran. I worked till 20:30 at Mapper. Finally I got my model to mesh and started solving it. Luckily the model was correctly solved when I got back this morning. I had dinner in the Waag (behind the City Hall on the main square of Delft). It was ok, if the lamb burger was cooked a little longer, the fries had been a bit crispier and the salad wouldn't have had a lettuce trunk in it it would have been perfect. The Grimbergen beer was excellent though. The entourage in the restaurant is ok. Nice big oak beams etc.

I managed to sleep almost 8 hours ... wow. Not bad. I booked hotels for the last two weeks of May for the Thursday-Friday nights. What is bothering me a bit that it seems like Ed's approval/support of VisionDynamics paying these hotel bills is waning. I wonder what I'll do when Hugo (the boss of VD) says no. Maybe I'm too negative, we'll see.

Hannah has this week and coming week holiday. So it is hard for Fran to keep her occupied. Ravi came over today to play with her. That's why the coming week we will be going to the bungalow park (Rabbit Hill, Landal). I'm really looking forward to it. No stress, just a lot of relaxing (I hope). As long as Hannah is Happy we're happy. Simple as that.

I'm curious how Fran's new glasses look like. I hope it will improve the headaches she had lately.

Tilburg already. I wonder if the typewriter museum is still here. Skryption or something like that ... let's google ... okidoki, even got the spelling almost right: http://www.scryption.nl/ , hmm the site is not really low-bandwith friendly ... "Museum voor Schriftelijke Communicatie" Been there once ages ago. Would be interesting to see if they can date my 2 Remington typewriters, model 10 I think, not sure. Beautiful machines, which I still have in the attic. Need to bring these out of there ... one day.