Upgraded koorneef.net

  • Posted on: 31 May 2007
  • By: lucas

Yesterday my mom was in Eindhoven. Very exciting for Hannah, they went downtown and had lunch in the V&D after picking up Hannah from school. So it was very nice to come home to a house filled with warmth. My mom sewn a very nice dress for Hannah. It looks splendid on her. And my goodness, the things that come out of her little mouth ! unbelievable at times. Allthough most of it is in Dutch, we really have to make more effort in getting more English out of her. Understanding it is no problem, actively speaking it is another thing ...

Last night I sat down to upgrade this site. Just finished in time at 21:30. Not everything is working perfectly yet, but that will come. No big headaches, so I'm happy with the progress. With Drupal 5.1 a lot of interesting modules are available. So, that will give me plenty time to waste when I'm in the train.

Sleeping at Henk's place in Rotterdam today. Better than in a hotel. Bought a bottle of Lindemans Merlot yesterday .... no problems getting to sleep tonight !

Bought peanuts and walnuts yesterday too, supposed to be good for me ...