Tuesday, start of a four day week

  • Posted on: 29 May 2007
  • By: lucas

It's the last short week for weeks ! Had a good relaxing long weekend. Bastiaan and Maarten Staal (our old neighbours on nr 9) visited us. During the lunch we had time to catch up. Admiring the photo of his wife to be: Rosa. And they had a chance to see what has become of their old house. It changed a bit during the last 18 months ...

Sunday Annie and her children: Savannah and Alex came by. It was their first visit to our house. The children enjoyed themselves enormously. Franny made somosa's (not sure about the spelling ...) she used filo pastry because we can't buy the loempia pastry in the supermarket. Because of that we had to use the oven to cook them, but they didn't come out so well as we had hoped. By the way: always check the bus schedule on Sundays ... not much busses in the mornings. So I had to take a taxi from the station. It was not too bad actually, the fare was a bit more than 10 euros. About double the bus fare for the 5 of us (I took Hannah with me on the bike to pick them up).

It just started raining when I stepped through the back door. I thought I would need my rain gear ... putting it on takes time so I had to bike like an idiot to reach in time, bathing in sweat. And of course, the rain didn't increase during my 10 minute bike ride frenzy so in the end I didn't really need them ... now almost reached Dordrecht and I'm almost dry... sigh.

According to buienradar.nl there is worse to come in Delft, raining here in Dordrecht too. Not that worried about the rain anymore, my raingear keeps me dry enough.

I didn't sleep to well, had a rest yesterday afternoon ... mind to busy.