Tuesday after Koninginnedag (Queen's day)

  • Posted on: 1 May 2007
  • By: lucas

Yep, enjoyed a three day weekend. We haven't done anything too exciting, had a bit of a rest. We watched some good movies (Casino Royal and The Illusionist) of course Hannah got another K3 dvd to watch for the whole week. I'm not sure if the video rental store will last long, it doesn't look like there's as much demand for it as years ago. Maybe something to do with people downloading movies from internet (our area has fibre till in the house !). Downtown was a bit in a mess yesterday. Possibly from the celibrations of the fact that PSV became the national football (soccer) champion. And the Queen's birthday parties hadn't even started yet.

We bought some cinnamon incense sticks (smells really nice in the house, very comforting). Had some KFC for lunch, Hannah had a cute small hamburger. And bought a present for Olivia. The old school friend of Hannah (from the Peuterploeg in Eindhoven) is having her birthday party coming wednesday. We also rode to the Philips Dorp playground to be sure Franny would be able to find it.

This morning the station was in a complete mess. A lot of half drunk half asleep boys and men hung around to catch an early train from a night of feasting. The littering was really bad. Looked like a football stadium after a match.

We also bought Hannah a new cashier machine (made in China, but with a microphone, calculator, money drawer, shopping belt, fake money (paper and plastic coins) a credit card (which can be used in the cashier)) for 10 euro's ! unbelievable ! anyway she's very happy with it. The old one she had is still in Oosterhout so she was very happy to get a new one.

Oh, nearly forgot: I've found the Pagemaker and WordPerfect 5 files of the Rotatie Geitenpad (http://www.koorneef.net/node/294). I was looking in our safe and wanted to throw away the box of 3.5" disks. I had to do some rough DIYing to get the last disk drive I have left working on one of my old PC's but ... I least I could copy all the data from them.

I was a bit disappointed that I could not find a viewer/converter for Pagemaker 5 files. Too bad. I've found a ftp site for a pm5tohtml converter which doesn't let me log in as anonymous user ... sigh, anyways, I've the individual WP5 files of the text, and the photo's so I can now reproduce the Geitenpad in html on this site.

Hopefully I'll get to upgrading koorneef.net to Drupal 5.1 soon. I've picked up my old idea of making a random kind of frontpage (so the site looks different each time you visit, and keeps it from looking like a static site).