Thursday, full raingear day

  • Posted on: 28 June 2007
  • By: lucas

Yep, pouring down this morning. I put on all my gear, went out and thought: is this all ? but 2 minutes later it really started ... so glad I had my rain trousers, shoe covers and coat on. Just checking the pda version of and it should be dry here in the west of Holland now. I'm between Breda and Dordrecht and the sun peeped through the clouds for a second.

Yesterday Fran said it would be nice weather today ... I hope that's true for the rest of the day.

Just going over the bridge over the Hollandsch Diep (I think it's called). The river is very wide and the sun is shimmering over the water. Beautiful. The river boats floating underneath the bridge. Never grow tired of watching it.

I'm sleeping over at Henk today again. My Mom comes to Eindhoven, so Fran won't be alone this afternoon. On the Discovery Channel "I, Videogame" was showing. This episode was about "God" games, like SimCity and Civilisation. I even called Henk to watch it, but what a unbelieveable bad show. People babbling about the strangest things. And Civ only getting 1 minute of air time. And then only some shots of Civ 1 in action, nothing about the sequels. Sid Meier (creator of Civ) only got to say something general in one sentence or 2 and that was it ! Terrible ! I don't care about Populous, or Black and White ... those 'games' don't even come close to Civ. But enough ranting, hopefully Henk and I get to play a better game tonight !

Started reading a book yesterday: "The Partner" by Grisham (I think). Good read so far.