Started work in kitchen again, part 1

  • Posted on: 19 August 2004
  • By: lucas

After a long time (too long according to Fran) I picked DIYing again. Took Thursday and Friday off, brought Fran and Hannah to my inlaws because it's difficult to do anything with the little inquisitive lady running around the place.

Wow, it's now almost midnight after the first day, I'm dog tired but pleased I tackled some rather difficult and awkard tasks. I will put some photo's online tomorrow. The two outlets on the 'long side' of the kitchen are in place (one of prerequisites to start the tiling !). The old worktop on the 'short side' is gone, the steel supports cut with an 'angle grinder' (funny name for such a dangerous power tool, the sparks are beautiful, but when you get them full in the face the appeal lessens ... (yes, I wear safety glasses, ear protection, gloves the works, I'm not that stupid. I just look stupid when I've got all these things on, but that's something else), we (the dutch) call them: 'haakse slijpmachine', and now if I think about it again, the English name doesn't sound so bad after all.)

Anyway, the old worktop is history, I put some planks on the wall to mount some multiplex boards. These boards are ideal to screw the kitchen cupboards on, nice flat surface, easy peasy screwing (no plugs needed). I had a leftover piece of board in which I cut some holes for outlets. Plenty outlets ! we have so many apliances already ! the microwave, senseo coffeemachine, water cooker, bread machine: all these you don't want to plug in and out everyday. Plus we need some extra for the occasional use of the toaster, mixer etc.

I hope the photo's will show all the hardships a bit better ;-)

I'm off to sleep.
Almost, finally some new content for the Aqua Viva website. I'll put that on first and reply to the email and then I'm gone, really !