On my way to Oldenzaal

  • Posted on: 2 May 2007
  • By: lucas

For the second time using the train to go from Eindhoven to Oldenzaal to visit: http://www.demcon.nl
No ideal connection ! have to change trains 3 times and finally take a taxi in Oldenzaal. Hopefully I'll reach Demcon at approx 9:00 (I stepped on the train in Eindhoven at 5:35 ... sigh...).

Anyway I've got some time to peruse the documents we'll discuss and do some browsing on the net.

Yesterday evening I went to the parents meeting of Hannah's new school. It was quite interesting, some 60 parents showed up (not bad for a warm Tuesday evening). The results of a satisfaction inquiry were quite a bit lower than the national average. This of course made the parents a bit concerned. The evening went well, after a short introduction we were split into groups and discussed two items of the list of items the school scored worst. Items like 'information about your child', 'state of the playing area' etc. Luckily the head teacher and his staff didn't go into 'defense mode'. So we could focus a bit in how things could be improved. I'm not too worried though. If I look back to my old primary school (Juliana school in Tiel) then I realise it was much worse in those days (1975). I left the meeting at 22:15, the discussion was still ongoing.

Funny, I just passed the Heinz factory in Elst. I used to do this a lot more when I went from Tiel to Arnhem. Since our last visit to Pittsburgh I now know where Heinz is originated from etc.

Close to Arnhem already. Have to change trains in Zutphen. It's now 7:08 and normally would arrive with my little bicycle at Mapper. Arnhem, fond memories of this city. Would like to step out and see if the new station is ready. The old station was really run down and depressing. Looking out of the window I see scaffolding etc...
Now in Dieren (Animals in Dutch). Remembered as a joke one of my teachers of the primary school I went to used to tell: when the train arrives at the station: the conductor shouts: "Dieren, uitstappen ...", yeah, very funny (ahum).

Some info regarding voegen (grouting of the brick walls of our house):
Oh ja voor wat betreft het cement. Gewoon ENCI-cement. Zilverzand voor de waterslagen, verhouding 1 deel cement met 2 delen zand.

Voor de voegen dezelfde cement maar dan met voegzand, verhouding 1 deel cement 4 delen zand. En dan aardvochtig maken. Je moet dan dus een bal kunnen maken zonder dat je handen kletsnat worden en er specie achterblijft. Om je handen te beschermen draag van die rubberen huishoudhandschoenen. Anders droogt je huid uit en als je wondjes hebt dan bijt dat ongelooflijk. En dat weet ik zelf uit de dagelijkse praktijk.

Have to find some more info on this. Luckily I can practice on the walls of our shed.

Now in the second of the four trains back to Eindhoven. It's been a long day. Again I had a little bit too much too eat at lunchtime. Stupid. Makes you very tired and have a bad spell of flatulence. That's particularly bad when you can't fart in public.... anyway. No casualties at Demcon.

Reached Arnhem again. Getting a sore throat. Fran and I got runny noses, itching eyes etc. Fran more than me. I'm almost 100% sure it's hayfever. Maybe something todo with the exceptional drought period we are having now. Fran was planning to see what you can get as over the counter drugs for hayfever, some mild anti-histamines or so (I love Wikipedia !).

Back to the grouting of the walls of our house ... It's in a terrible state. When the house was 'tested' when we put it up for sale the building expert estimated a cost of 4000 euros to re-grout all the walls ... that's a tad too much for us. So I have to it myself. And I'm sure I've to practice it thoroughly otherwise it will be one big mess and frustration (yep, sometimes I learn from past mistakes). Okidoki, close to Nijmegen .... got to go.