Monday, 2nd of June

  • Posted on: 2 July 2007
  • By: lucas

Hannah and Sade on the couchWe had a jolly good time last Friday at Maudy's house. The food Fran and Maudy prepared was excellent (the oven dish with chicken breast, red sweet peppers, red pesto and creme fraiche). Maudy sent us a very nice picture of Hannah and Sade . It was fun to hear that Maudy had been to many Prince concerts in the past too. She even got to see a few of the famous after parties (!). She is a big fan of Maceo Parker. The name rang a few bells, but couldn't remember him. But when listening to his music you can't miss the connection between Maceo and Prince.

Volkskrant voorpagina veteranendagLast Friday it was Veterans Day in the Netherlands again. I didn't participate (again) this year. Next year ! What was nice to see were photo's of 9 veterans on the front page of the Saturday edition of the Volkskrant.

Saturday two men of Prozon came to install the roller blind and sun shade. It went very well. I took a bit less than the morning to finish the job. Hannah's room can now be pitch dark. Franny is completely happy with the result. The roller blind is motorised so opening and closing it is a breeze. Hopefully Hannah's room will be a bit less hot during the warm days.

Looking out of the window I see the "Groothandelsgebouw". I've read somewhere recently that it was the highest building built after the second world war in western Europe, or at least in the Netherlands. Henk hated the building in which he worked during his ESRI time. Luckily that wasn't too long.

Yesterday there was a kind of party thing going on on the sport fields behind our house. It had something to do with the abolition of slavery in Suriname. There were a few food stalls, drinks, and a band. We went (paying 3 euros each) and we were a bit disappointed. Last year and before the organisation was in different hands (that's our theory at least) and it was much nicer. More stalls, more (coolie) people etc. I had some nice bami with crispy bacon and Fran had a soup. Hannah missed out, she was busy playing with Ravi.

We went downtown as well, rass busy ! My goodness. But anyway we bought some bowls and stuff from the Xenos. Some interesting chutney as well.