Monday, 18th June, Rainy Day Dream Away

  • Posted on: 18 June 2007
  • By: lucas

And let the sun take a holiday !

Had a nice weekend. Allthough I didn't really sleep well the last nights, Fran kept waking me up with her coughing. Saturday after lunch we went to my Mom by bus and train. She picked us up from the train station with her car. It went well, no delays and I got to see the station of Tiel again. Ok, not too many changes, but in the main part of the building a new cafe was built. Looks ok. And Tiel got an extra train stop: Tiel Passewaaij.

Everybody came to eat at my Moms, all Wim's children and grandchildren too. So it was nice and busy. The food was excellent and had a bit too much to drink, but we stayed the night so that wasn't a problem. We left yesterday after lunch. It was very busy in the train from Den Bosch to Eindhoven. Something was afoot in the football stadium, so we had to stand the twenty minutes long. Hannah could sit on the stairs. It was not so pleasant. There was a group of very loud speaking beer drinking men in the same space ...

Of course Hannah got spoilt rotten by Oma Truus. But that doesn't matter too much. My mom interacts and plays with her too. Hannah is calling her all the time .... Oma ! come and look at this, Oma ! shall we go to the playground ? and so forth.

Sander stepped in the same compartment today, hmm. Not feeling like talking too much, luckily he pulled out a laptop and started typing.

Almost in Rotterdam already, in the tunnels now. I'm feeling a bit drowsy. Didn't sleep enough ... have to do try harder tonight to get some more sleep. The trousers I'm wearing make me think of a straightjacket. They are really too tight. Fran ordered them from the Wehkamp and I really feel like Wallace in 'The wrong trousers'. It's not even my ever expanding waistline, but my thighs ... my goodness.

I've signed up for but I think too late for coming Thursday. The venue is a bit hard to reach with public transport. Going is ok, but the last bus back leaves at 20:15 .... hmm. The programme ends at 22:00 but I can always take a cab or so. And maybe somebody can drop me off at a station somewhere, who knows. Rosmalen, I've been there once. At the Autotron, the car museum. At least I think I went once when I went with a whole group of VWO'ers who just got their diploma's to a camping farm near Den Bosch (we went with the bike from Tiel !). Saskia Schildmans (or Schiltmans, not sure). Was there too. Funny things you remember, she bought these leather cowboy boots ...

Have to work hard on the LS model today. They will expect some results today...

Going back home, had to rush a bit. Almost forgot to copy the latest comi files to my laptop ... the trusty USB stick helped out just in time.

Just read that another Dutch soldier died in Afghanistan: Last Friday a young soldier died from an explosion in a convoy. Sigh. We didn't have any IED (Improvised Explosive Device, you gotta love the Americans for their abbr.) in our days in Bosnia. Never heard of them anyway. The shootings (never experienced any, luckily) were bad enough.

I'm gone, have to do some more work ...