Jippie, we are on holiday !

  • Posted on: 15 May 2007
  • By: lucas

We arrived yesterday at the bungalow park "Rabbit Hill". And indeed, lot's of furry animals here. The bungalow is perfect. All the creature's comforts you can wish for. The weather is a bit unpredictable, but this morning the sun is out in full force.

The area is nice and wooded. Very quiet and peacefull.

We'll go to the swimmingpool as soon as Hannah Kapanski has finished her raisin bread (which can take forever). She is watching Nick Jr. : Blues Clues (last saw it in the US, the lip synced it in Dutch ... hmm, I even prefer the American accent above the mismatched and crooked Dutch expressions.

I didn't sleep as good as I wanted, so still a bit drowsy. The swimmingpool will wake me up for sure.