I hate mondays

  • Posted on: 7 May 2007
  • By: lucas

Ok, I stole that from Garfield. But, the weekend is over, I've a terrible cold, given to me by Franny and now also Hannah has it (she was coughing seriously last night). And we are having the first rain since 5 weeks (!). And of course it just had to start when I stepped out of the door this morning. But, does an atheist believe in fate ? or that nature is out there to get me ?

So feeling very groggy, but didn't want to stay home. I don't think it would do much good to stay home anyway.

Hannah has a new thing now that she wants to 'fight' with me (she being Bambi and I grumpy, in the movie Bambi fights with another deer over a female deer, Feline ? (and I always thought Bambi was a female deer)). And now she has this battle cry: "Ajapi" or something like that. And she makes these karate moves with these fine hands ...

The train conductor is shouting to a man who was sleeping in the train when I stepped in at Eindhoven. I guess the man is homeless but that isn't enough for a free ride in a warm and dry carriage. Do I feel sorry for the man ? yes, did I purposely sat 2 empty carriages away from him ? yes. Did I check if my pocket knife was in easy reach ? yes. Did I give him something to eat ? no.

I just remembered that in the gold old days a train conductor could call in the help of uniformed soldiers in the train when necessary. Associative memory is a funny thing.

Almost in Rotterdam. Still raining. Have to get my rain pants out and even my shoe rain protectors (still can't think of the right word for it).

So hopefully next weekend I'll feel a bit better and will be a bit more productive (still a lot of gardening to do). Didn't upgrade this website yet .... sigh