Heading home from Oldenzaal

  • Posted on: 10 May 2007
  • By: lucas

Spent today at Demcon again. Michel Dansberg and Jerry came too. Nice discussions with Sjoerd and Andre. I was on time at the station this morning, but when I called the taxi companies at 8:00 in the train for a taxi on 8:30 at the station ... they said they could pick me up at 9:15 earliest. Hmm, I started walking, but then the rain started to come down and walked backed to the station and called the taxi. So I was at Demcon at 9:30. Sigh.

Anyway it wasn't too bad, I should have made it more clear (ahum) I was coming and for who. So coming a bit later wasn't a big deal.

I've to write, no, I want to write down my short and long term goals. The book "Dromen, Durven Doen" is not bad.

lose weight ... yeah yeah, it's an open door
upgrade this homepage
write the custom random homepage module
clear up the attic
dig out the tree trunk in the front yard
guitar lessons

Quite a list, not complete, and priorities are not assigned yet.

Gee, I'm hungry and tired. I think I'll buy something to eat in Nijmegen. I finished the last raisin bread roll just now and it'll be 2 hours before I'm home ...

Tomorrow last day of the week and the last day before our (modest) holiday !