Friday, MI-Partners

  • Posted on: 29 June 2007
  • By: lucas

Tuesday I heard from Angelo that Leo Sanders was leaving AppTech to form a new company: MI-Partners together with Maarten Steinbuch (TUe) and Bart van den Broek. Interesting ! I sent an email to Leo and called him yesterday. We'll have a cup of coffee coming Tuesday at 5 o'clock at the train station. I've a good feeling about this new endeavour. But let's wait and see what happens.

Had a good time yesterday at Henk and Debby's. Deb had homemade pasta, a nice sauce and Henk and I grilled the gamba shrimps in the oven. It worked ok with the oven door open. We were wiped off the map by AI players in Rise of Nations ... wow, on "intermediate" level the AI is just to 'smart'. When they attack you don't have time to look after resource development, without that you are doomed.

I stumbled on this amazing video today: A RC model airplane with a camera with tilt and pan servo's and a set of videoglasses with gyroscopes. Wow ! Just watch:

Today Fran and Maudy are cooking together at their place. So I'm going straight over there from the train station. I'm in Tilburg now, it's 15 degrees Celsius ... that's not really warm for the time of year.

Tomorrow morning ProZon is going to install the roller blind for Hannah's bedroom window and the sun shade for the livingroom. They'll start at 8:30, so have to get up early ...