Friday, it's hot, busy but heading back home for ...

  • Posted on: 25 May 2007
  • By: lucas

a long weekend ! Pentacost (Pinksteren in Dutch) I think it's called. It's the last one till Xmas. Last week was Ascension (Hemelvaart). I spent last night in Hotel Kok in Delft after Debby brought me with Henk's car. We lost our way in Delft, but luckily Henk's car has a routeplanner.... ;-)

We had some time to catch up. It was the first time since we came back from Pittsburgh in 2005 that we met again. Glad to be back in contact. Henk showed me some nice stuff he and his company are working on. Looking forward to learn more and start to use some of the mapping features/modules with Drupal and of course also on this site.

The hotel was a bit too close to the station. Quite a bit of noise from the station. The room was a bit rudimentary as well, but anyway: for 80 euro's it's not too bad. It was the last time I will stay in a hotel in Delft, for now on I can sleep at Henk's place in Rotterdam. It means a bit more travelling but that's a small discomfort.

Tomorrow our old neighbours Bastiaan and Maarten Staal will visit us. Looking forward to see them. Both now work at BASF in Germany. Bas had some good news: So I'm anxious to hear more.

And yes ! my 3D Opera Vectorfields model finally meshed ! yes ! and the first results are pretty good. Wow, I'm really glad it the volume mesh succeeded. I was running out of options. There are always options, but they take quite some redesign of the model for which is no time left. So that's a good start of the weekend as well. And I got a modal simulation of a dummy MF to work on my laptop with Ansys 11, even got the ABCD from Ansys into Matlab ... yeah ! Michel will be pleased. Tuesday I can start with some variations on a theme with my magnetic model ... finally.