First conversation in the train

  • Posted on: 23 May 2007
  • By: lucas

This morning I had my first real conversation with a lady in the train who boards the train in Breda and often ends up in 'my' compartment. Talked about hay fever, cold, air pollution, pollen, soft winters etc. I think she works in the VROM ministry in The Hague. A very sympathetic woman.

Spoke with Henk ( ) for the first time since years on the phone. Felt good to hear his voice. He is doing ok, his company is even doing better. Heard a lot about new projects etc. WMS, OpenGis etc. Very interesting. The module has WMS support too. WMS really looks a lot like XML-RPC. Maybe something nice can come out of this. Coming Thursday I'll visit Henk in Rotterdam. I already made reservations for a hotel in Delft, so that's quite convenient.

Passed Rotterdam CS already. Only had about 5.5 hours of sleep, I feel ok now, but I don't want to think how I'll be in the afternoon ! I'm just hoping I'll be able to mesh the 3D model I'm working on now for the last few days. It's getting to a very big annoyance. Have some ideas left to make the thin walled curved cells easier for the volume mesher .... Maybe I have to switch from Vectorfields to Ansys ... aargh !